Fractonium - Empowering Fractional Funding - Flexibility, Liquidity and Risk Management

At Fractonium, we are building the corporate funding platform of the future, with fractional funding, asset tokenization, primary market offerings, and secondary market trading capabilities, delivering flexibility, liquidity and risk management in one omni-device platform.  Treasury function for asset management is available, including multisignature authentication, asset minting, asset recall, asset destruction, asset holder whitelisting/blacklisting, asset analytics and much more.

How Fractonium Works

Fractonium is developing a funding platform that turns traditional Corporate Funding on its head. By tokenising the fractional ownership of assets, revenue flows and debt, we enable organisations to increase their funding flexibility globally by blending tradeable, programmable tokens into the traditional capital stack of debt and equity. This creates new financing models and markets globally, creating new opportunities for ambitious corporates and their shareholders.

Going From This...

To This

Which delivers a lot more flexibility to all stakeholders, from asset owners, commercial lenders to wholesale investors.


  1. Increased Funding Flexibility– program tokens to match market conditions.
  2. Minimised (corporate) equity dilution
  3. Minimised bank risk – leading to favourable operational (and financial) terms
  4.  Increased customer engagement– e.g. families part owning retirement villages.


  1. Global access to fractional ownership
  2. Global liquidity
  3. Global diversification – offset weak markets
  4. Lending funds secured by commercial property (behind risk-reduced senior debt lenders)


  1. Bank debt reduced
  2. Risk syndicated externally
  3. Regulatory capital reduced
  4. Higher return on equity
  5. Embracing the paradigm shift

Funding Solutions

Fractonium is immersed in the epicentre of the next regulated phase of capital markets disruption. Leveraging proven Blockchain technologies and tokenisation that underpinned the $24bn raised globally by unregulated Initial Coin Offerings in 2017-18, the next phase of disruption acts as the gateway to $517tn of Institutional funds under management.

The regulated infrastructure is being built globally – e.g. regulated security token exchanges. Most competitors are focussing on equity offerings, tend to be US-centric and in high-end markets. We are positioning ourselves in markets where the most funding flexibility is required – capital raises under $30m in core vertical markets, such as property, sustainability and art.

Why Invest in Fractonium?


We are driving an exceptional, transformative wave of regulated disruption for financial global capital markets services leveraging synergies between the cryptocurrency space and traditional markets.


The productivity, cost benefits & globalisation of tokenisation will drive exponential market growth as Institutional funds begin to feel comfortable with regulatory control & the power of the technology. Appropriate execution is likely to see substantial exit opportunities.



We are capitalising on the cultural conservatism of the financial services incumbents by driving fast-growth, flexible solutions to commercial viability.


We are pro-actively embracing the financial services incumbents through transformatory partnerships to give us deal flow, access to investors and exit opportunities.


A highly experienced team that combines in-depth domain experience with a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, its trends and its transformatory capabilities.

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Internet of Value is Coming

The underlying market is demonstrating signs of potential explosive growth, especially with the recent announcement of the proposed upcoming release of Libra coin from Facebook and its 21 high quality multi-national partners. This will be the first significant mainstream adoption of blockchain technology – making international payments, easy and highly cost-effective compared to the incumbent offerings. Libra, or its equivalent, will be in the very heart of the regulated blockchain ecosystem and will be the first significant step in transitioning the “Internet of Information” to the “Internet of Value”.

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