Empowering Fractional Funding

We are developing a Digital Funding Platform that enables ambitious, unlisted Asset managers and Asset owners to raise global funds with far greater flexibility, through a fluid capital structure as a blend of tradable, debt, equity, asset and revenue-based tokens, all enabled through fractional ownership, the blockchain and tokenization. This fluid capital structure increases options including the ability to enhance customer engagement by enabling customers to share financially in their growth plans without giving up equity.

Why Fractonium? 

Are you an Asset Owner? Commercial Lender? Wholesale Investor?

Find out how you can obtain early access to our flexible corporate digital funding platform. Move beyond traditional debt and equity to unlock a fluid capital structure with Fractonium.

Fractional Funding

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We are developing a fractional funding model that will turn traditional corporate finance on its head.


Blended Capital Stack

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We are not a simple asset fractional funding play. Unlike equity crowdfunding, or simple asset securitization, we are blending a range of asset and debt based financing options into a fully customisable capital stack.


Risk Scenario Models

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With our unique risk scenario modelling tool, potential lenders and investors can quickly assess the various risk factors of a funding proposal and can adjust settings to develop their own risk scenarios.

How It Works*

Project Owners can list their intended asset acquisitions for funding on our platform.  Commercial Lenders can review projects for funding, assess the risks and submit indicative funding offers.  Investors will be able to browse different assets (starting with commercial property) and see what asset and debt tokens are available for funding.

* This is indicative only – there is no live platform yet, it’s being built and we are looking at regulatory structures.



Create a project for funding


request and receive funding commitments


sell a mix of asset and debt tokens to fund projects

Interested in a briefing? Contact Us Now!

We are in the proof of concept phase, building out our first funding platform functionality for the commercial property sector.  If you’re interested in a briefing on how the power of Fractonium’s unique funding model can work for your commercial property project, talk to us.

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