Thank you taking the trouble to visit our site to consider investing into Fractonium.

Having come out of Stealth mode after 9 months of market validation, product design and strategic validation, we are now excited to be able to talk to appropriate investors either face-to-face, via Skype or email to share our vision.

Elevator Pitch

In traditional capital markets, Corporates rely on debt and equity to fund growth and development.

We are developing a Digital Funding Platform that enables ambitious, unlisted Asset managers and Asset owners to raise global funds with far greater flexibility, through a fluid capital structure as a blend of tradable, debt, equity, asset and revenue-based tokens, all enabled through fractional ownership, the blockchain and tokenization. This fluid capital structure increases options including the ability to enhance customer engagement by enabling customers to share financially in their growth plans without giving up equity.

Investor Pack

We are ambitious in our plans and are looking to work with investors that understand the Digital Securities and Security Token Spaces. We are raising $2m USD for our seed round to enable a minimum 18 month runway for development, against core milestones, with allowance for 6 months to raise the second round.

We have put together our introductory investor pack, which includes:

A Pitch Deck

One Page Summary

A link to an extended Pitch Video (#17.30 mins long)

To give you an in-depth view of the background to the explosive disruption about to hit the Global Capital Markets

Summary Plan

Expression Of Interest Documentation

New York, USA

Fractonium is a global play and we have recently been actively pursuing investment to take the project forward, attending a number of major International events:


Thank you for your support and interest in Fractonium and we look forward to speaking very soon.

Many thanks

Tim Lea MBA



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