Down the Rabbit Hole Livecast: “How can blockchain help deal with the effects of the novel coronavirus globally both now and in the future?” (In association with Fractonium and the Blockchain Sydney Meetup group)

We already know how devastating the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is as it silently weaves its deadly path into the very hearts of societies across the globe. It is exposing shortcomings of national health systems and so much more that we take for granted. It causes us all to question “why?”

In tandem with the devastating effects upon global health, the virus is taking its toll on the global economy causing the largest falls in stock market history. In this Livecast we bring back five friends, all deeply experienced blockchain professionals, who had impromptu, and sometimes heated discussions, on Libra and Central Bank Digital Currencies six months ago – to make sense of it all…

And to ask “how can blockchain help globally both now and in the future”; and with some quarters talking of financial Armageddon has Bitcoin’s day finally arrived?

Mr Tim Lea
Founder and CEO of Fractonium

MBA, Finance, Marketing, Brighton Business School. 20 Years Corporate Funding (ex GE Capital, HSBC, Lloyds Bank). ASX listed company CEO experience. Key Australian Blockchain influencer, author, advisor and conference speaker.


Mr Bradley C Hughes
Co-founder and COO of Fractonium

25 years of IT project & operations management, company director experience. 8.5 years of local government representation, chairing committees, developing policy. 3.5 years of deep blockchain advisory (Blockchain startups, pilot projects, white papers, token economics)

Mr Dominique Jocubeit
Co-founder and CTO of Fractonium

Dominique’s experience includes working in defence, government, startups, SMEs and private enterprise. With over 20 years of software development experience, including financial services, blockchain, and AI, Dom is a multi-disciplined software architect and engineer.

Mr Edward Plowright
Creative Director, Crypto Global News

Edward is a veteran FOREX trader, film editor, and cameraman. Being part of a news channel about cryptocurrency and blockchain was a natural evolution. He is currently the creative director of Crypto Global News.

Mr Milen Marinov
Head of Marketing, Thinkium Blockchain

Digital marketing and China markets expert, with seven years of active experience in Beijing’s Fintech and Blockchain scene.

The Livestream was moderated by Mr Tim Lea, with Bradley C Hughes assisting with participant communications management.